Peugeot 106 Citroen Saxo Triangle style kit


Peugeot 106 Citroen Saxo adjustable Triangle style kit with standard pin.

There are 2 styles of kit, a straight style which cannot be used with the standard GTI  ARB unless modified and a dog leg style which can be used with a standard GTI ARB.  A modified ARB link is included which pushes the ARB down to stop it crashing into the triangle..

The non GTI ARB can be modified to fit, I think it’s a bit thicker and a slightly different shape.

The rear mounting bracket requires a 12mm hole to be drilled in front of the original two mounting holes.  This stops the mount flexing but still allows the ARB to be fitted.

Kits made to different widths, please contact me for details.

From customer with a Peugeot 106 race car,

“Car feels perfect, the wishbones have cured all the previous handling issues.  I’m very happy with them.  The car got a fair solid knock on the drivers wheel and the rodends etc stuck it out no problem.  Thanks also for all your replays to my questions through the process, I’m genuinely very happy with the suspension kit”


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