CV Plunge Washers, Various Sizes.

CV plunge washers/spacers.

Having broke a CV on my 1.3 SR on a rally in 96, I asked Atkinsons Motorsport if there was anything I could do to stop it happening again. They advised me to fit the Steering lock stops and CV spacers.  Never lost another CV.

So even though I’ve had the 3.5mm spacers for a while I’ve now had a few other thicknesses made by laser cutting, I then chamfer the inside diameter to fit around the CV

I have ones for small CV 25mm ID 52mm OD, up to 10mm thick.

Group A, Large CV 29mm ID 52mm OD, up to 10mm thick.

Astra/Kaddett (fwd) large CV 29mm ID 58mm OD (just 3.5mm at the moment, but the Group A one will also fit if thicker is needed)

Please email for prices, they are between £6 and £10, Plus P&P.

They could also be made to fit other manufacturers, please Email.

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