Vauxhall Nova/Opel Corsa A OR Corsa B Polybushed Arm Kit


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Polybushed Arm kit for either the Nova/Corsa A or Corsa B.

I was asked if I could make a kit up for a customer who already had Uniballs.  Using the Heavy Duty Group A arm I substituted the Spherical Bearing for 2 holes that would take the Nova/Corsa A Uniballs (The same can be drilled for the Later Corsa B).  The Polybushes  are used as it was a Forest rally car and the customer didn’t want the harshness of a full bearing kit.

Polybushes or Sphrecial bearings can also be used on the arm kit.

Kit painted in Grey Etch Primer, Bushes and Fixings supplied but NO ball joints.

Please email if you’d like a special built.


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