Vauxhall Astra mk3, Opel Astra F, Calibra Adjustable wishbone kit.


Vauxhall Astra mk3 Opel Kadett F clubman adjustable wishbone kit.

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Having built a small number of kits for the Astra mk3/Astra F and VW Golf, I have now built a kit which uses a universal plate which can be used to make a variety of different wishbone depending on the OE ball joint.

First up is the Astra/Astra F wishbone. I’m trying to keep within the standard pressed steel outline so not to cause any tyre rubbing, lock to lock issue’s. I’m also trying to keep the ARB mounting point standard. (There are different ARB links in the car model range, please email me first).

The rodends will now stop any Bush movement and give some adjustability remembering that the driveshaft has limits.

In the kit are the 2 arms, 2 compression arms, 2 new ball joints, and all rodends, spacers and fixing bolts for one kit.

Not a pretty looking kit but cheaper than the Group A style kit with the spherical bearings and its custom length pins. Please email if you would like some custom modifications, ie, different ARB link brackets, lenght of arms etc.

Kits for different cars can me made, please email.


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