Vauxhall Astra mk2 Opel Kadett E adjustable kit.


Adjustable wishbone kit for the Mk2 Astra, Opel Kadett E using the standard ball joint.

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Vauxhall Astra mk2, Opel Kadett E adjustable wishbone kit using the standard ball joint.  Using the universal plate this is the new kit for 80’s classic.

This kit comes with all spacers, bolts, rear mount and a plate with captive nut to help stop the rear mount from rocking. This plate will need welding onto the floor just in front of the original rubber bush mount.  A double shear mount will be available soon.

The Group A kit (FIA HTP Holomagation Number A-5369, page 26, photo 19) will be made soon.  Please email if you are interested in the non-adjustable fabricated arm on page 35/46 Of the same document.

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