Peugeot 106/Citroen Saxo Adj Suspension Kit using 307 hubs


106/Saxo Peugeot 307 hub conversion kit

This kit is based on the 106/Saxo kit but using the Peugeot 307 hubs.

Outer bearing is straight not angled for the standard hub.  There are a few designs available, all have been built to “Maxi” widths so far.

There is more work to do to the strut/steering, I only supply the adjustable arms, pins,spacers and bolts.

The new rear mount requires a 12mm hole to be drilled in front of the 2 original rear mount holes, this stops the mount rocking. It also keeps the back of the mount free so the ARB can still be used. Using the GTI ARB will require a longer link or the non GTI ARB.

PLEASE email first to discuss styles, lengths etc

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